Simple and Reliable Solar Power Generation



All Hyundai panels are manufactured and shipped from South Korea, and are therefore exempt from any EU anti-dumping regulation levy, ensuring reliable future production and supply.

The Hyundai 250w monocrystalline black framed module is manufactured by one of the world’s largest companies Hyundai Heavy Industries – A Global Leader in manufacturing.  Hyundai panels offer a 25 year power warranty, 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade and an output power tolerance +3/-0%.  The option to install on all 4 sides of the panel gives wider opportunity for ease of installation.  The panel has passed both its ammonia corrosion resistance and salt mist corrosion test.`

As part of Hyundai’s Heavy Industries portfolio, the world’s leading electro systems electrical manufacturer and Korea’s largest green energy provider, you can depend on this solar panels quality and reliability.

Solar Panel Specifications:
Part No: HiS-S250MG
Hyundai Solar Panel 250W (Black Frame) Mono
• Rated Power: 250W
• Weight: 19kg
• Length: 1645mm
• Width: 983mm
• Depth: 35mm
• Vmpp: 30.5V
• Impp: 8.2A
• Voc: 37.5V
• Connector: MC4
• Efficiency: 15.5%


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