Simple and Reliable Solar Power Generation


Fronius Products

Fronius is a well respected Austrian manufacturer which has been engaged in solar electronics since 1992, in particular in the development and production of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters and components for professional system monitoring.

CLBASEEUPV InverterInverter BaseFronius CL Base
CLDEMOPV InverterDemonstrationFronius Dummy CL
FR-ST-CON250-25PV InverterString ControlFronius String Control CL Range, 250/25 DCD DF
FR-ST-CON250-30PV InverterString ControlFronius String Control Agilo Range 250/30
FR-STR-BASE-250-30PV InverterString ControlFronius String Control Base 250/30 ( Agilo )
IG30DEMOPV InverterDemonstrationFronius Dummy IG 30
IGPLTLSTANDPV InverterDemonstrationFronius IG Plus/TL Stand
IGSTANDPV InverterDemonstrationFronius IG 30 Stand ( table top )
PROMO-WAR20-CATFPV InverterWarranty ExtensionFronius Warranty Promo.Ext to 20 years 1/2 Price: CL36 - 60
41,0007,0187PV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 1A 600V
41,0007,0205PV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 5A 600V
FRFUSE8APV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 8A 600V
FRFUSE10APV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 10A 600V
FRFUSE15APV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 15A 600V
FRFUSE15A-1000VPV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 15A 1000V
FRFUSE20APV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 20A 600V
FRFUSE20A-1000VPV InverterString FuseFronius DC fuse 20A 1000V
GALVO-1.5-1PV InverterMain UnitFronius Galvo 1.5kW Inverter WLAN
IGPLUS25V-1PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 25V-1 2.6kW 1 Phase
GIIG30PLUSPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 30 3kW Inverter
IGTL30PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG TL 3.0 Inverter
GIIG35PLUSPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 35 3.5 kW Inverter
IGTL36PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG TL 3.6 Inverter
GIIG50PLUSPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 50 4kW 1 phase
IGPLUS-55V-3PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 55V-3 5kW 3 Phase
IGPLUS-60V-1PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 60V-1 6kW 1 Phase
IGPLUS-60V-3PV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 60V-3 6kW 3 Phase
SYMO-6.0PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 6.0kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
GIIG70PLUS1PHASEPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 70 6.5kW 1 phase
SYMO-7.0PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 7.0kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
GIIG100PLUS1PHASEPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 100 8kW 1 phase
GIIG100PLUS3PHASEPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 100 8kW 3 phase
SYMO-8.2PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 8.2kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
GIIG120PLUSPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 120 10kW 3 phase
SYMO-10.0PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 10.0kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
GIIG150PLUSPV InverterMain UnitFronius IG Plus 150 12kW 3 phase
SYMO-12.5PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 12.5kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
SYMO-15.0PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 15.0kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
SYMO-17.5PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 17.5kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
SYMO-20.0PV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo 20.0kW 3ph Dual MPPT WLAN
SYMO-20.0-LIGHTPV InverterMain UnitFronius Symo Light 20.0kW 3ph
CL36PV InverterMain UnitFronius CL 36kW Inverter
CL48PV InverterMain UnitFronius CL 48kW Inverter
CL60PV InverterMain UnitFronius CL 60kW Inverter
AGILO75-INDPV InverterMain UnitFronius Agilo 75kW Indoors
AGILO75-OUTDPV InverterMain UnitFronius Agilo 75kW Outdoors
AGILO100-INDPV InverterMain UnitFronius Agilo 100kW Indoors
AGILO100-OUTDPV InverterMain UnitFronius Agilo 100kW Outdoors
DATA CARD EASYDisplayDataloggerFronius Datalogger Card Easy Retrofit
DIFRIGPDDisplayPublic DisplayFronius IG Public Display
DIFRPDDisplayPersonal DisplayFronius Personal Display with uk adapter plug
DIFRPDBDisplayDisplay InterfaceFronius Public Display Box
DIFRPDCDisplayDisplay InterfaceFronius Personal Display Card Retrofit
GOCOMRDisplayCommunicationFronius COM Card Retrofit
MNFRICERDisplayCommunicationFronius Interface card easy retrofit
PERS-DISP-DLDisplayPersonal DisplayFronius Personal Display DL
PERS-DISP-DL-BOXDisplayDisplay InterfaceFronius Personal Display DL Box
RETROCARDPRODisplayCommunicationFronius Datalog Retrofit Card Pro IG
WLAN-USBDisplayWeb InterfaceFronius USB WLAN Stick
FRAMBPSENSEnvironmental SensorsWeather SensorFronius Ambient Temperature Sensor
FRMODPSENSEnvironmental SensorsWeather SensorFronius ModuleTemperature Sensor
FRSENSBOXEnvironmental SensorsWeather Sensor ControllerFronius Sensor Box