Simple and Reliable Solar Power Generation


Jetion Products

Jetion Solar is certified by ISO9001. The manufacturing processes start from the wafer cutting to the manufacture of solar cells and the production of PV-modules.

Advanced diffusion techniques guarantee the homogeneity and minimize losses within the cells. With the help of modern PECVD technology the surface is covered with a dark blue SiN anti-reflective coating.

The focus of Jetion's research & development team, who represents one third of their employees, is aligned on modern and future-oriented technologies. With intensiv efforts and improvements they have developed an addional electric field on the back side of the solar cell. This technologie has been patented.

JT-DM-M-S PV Panel Mini Module Jetion Mono Demo 4 Cell Module Silver
JT-DM-P-S PV Panel Mini Module Jetion Poly Demo 4 Cell Module Silver