Simple and Reliable Solar Power Generation


SMA Products

SMA from its headquarters in Kassel, Germany, is the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications.  As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.

DEMOSTANDPV InverterDemonstrationSMA Demo Inverter Stand
MULTIGATE-10PV InverterMicro Inverter GatewayCommunication Units - SB240
SB240-99-10PV InverterMicro Inverter UnitSMA SB240 Micro Inverter 240W
SB1300TL-10PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB1300TL-10 SunnyBoy
SB1600TL-10PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB1600TL-10 SunnyBoy
SB2100TLPV InverterMain UnitSMA SB2100TL SunnyBoy
SB-2000HFPV InverterMain UnitSMA 2000HF Sunny Boy
SB-2500HFPV InverterMain UnitSMA 2500HF Sunny Boy
SB2500TLST-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB2500TLST-21 SunnyBoy Single Tracker
SB-3000HFPV InverterMain UnitSMA 3000HF Sunny Boy
SB3000TL-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB3000TL-21 SunnyBoy Dual Tracker
SB3000TLST-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB3000TLST-21 SunnyBoy Single Tracker
SB3600TL-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB3600TL-21 SunnyBoy Dual Tracker
SB4000TL-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB4000TL-21 SunnyBoy Dual Tracker
SB5000TL-21PV InverterMain UnitSMA SB5000TL-21 SunnyBoy Dual Tracker
SMC5000APV InverterMain UnitSunny Mini-Central 5000W Inverter
STP5000TL-20PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 5000TL-20
STP6000TL-20PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 6000TL-20
STP7000TL-20PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 7000TL-20
STP8000TL-20PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 8000TL-20
STP9000TL-20PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 9000TL-20
ST-15000TL-10PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 15000TL-10
ST-17000TL-10PV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 17000TL-10
ST-20000TLEE-10-PROJECTPV InverterMain UnitSunny Tripower 20,000TLEE-10 Project Model
MI-ACCAP-10-1PV CableConnectorAC Protective Cap
485BRD-10DisplayCommunicationSMA 485 Data Module Type B
CLCON-10DisplayPlant ControllerSMA Cluster Controller
EMETER-10DisplayMeter UnitSMA Energy Meter 3 phase (<63A)
RS485WRSDisplayCommunicationRS485 Wireless Radio Set
SBBTRPDisplayBluetooth RepeaterSunny Beam Bluetooth Repeater
SB-HF-RS485DisplayCommunicationSMA Quick Module RS485 interface for HF range
SB-WEBBOX-BTDisplayWeb InterfaceSunny WebBox Bluetooth
SB-WEBBOX-GSMDisplayWeb InterfaceSunny WebBox RJ485 / GSM
SB-WEBBOX-RS485DisplayWeb InterfaceSunny WebBox RS485
SMATRIX-3DisplayPublic DisplaySunny Matrix 800mmx1000mm
S-VIEW-10DisplayPersonal DisplaySMA Sunny View
SWR-RS485DisplayCommunicationSMA RS485 Interface
SWR-RS485SMCDisplayCommunicationSMA RS485 SMC Interface
SWR-RS485-TLDisplayCommunicationRS485 Interface for SMA TL Inverters
SWR-SERVICEUSBDisplayCommunicationSMA Service Cable
WEB-CONNECTDisplayPlant CommunicationSMA Web Connect
SMA-240KW-PROJ-5YPV InverterPackageSMA 240kW 5yr Project Package ( 12x20kW )
SMA-480KW-PROJ-5YPV InverterPackageSMA 480kW 5yr Project Package ( 24x20kW )
SMA-960KW-PROJ-5YPV InverterPackageSMA 960kW 5yr Project Package ( 48x20kW )
SUNNY-SENSOREnvironmental SensorsWeather SensorSMA Sunny Sensor Box
SUNNY-SENSOR-BLUETEnvironmental SensorsWeather SensorSunny Sensor Box - Bluetooth Power Injector
TEMP-SENSOR-AMBEnvironmental SensorsWeather SensorAmbient Temp. Sensor for Sunny Sensor Box
TP-PROT-AProtectionDC Surge ProtectionUpgrade kit DC overvoltage protector (type 2) for inputs A
TP-PROT-A-BProtectionDC Surge ProtectionUpgrade kit DC overvoltage protector (type 2) for inputs A & B