Product Details

Product Details

JA Solar - JA Solar Smart Module 265W Riecium Poly

ManufacturerJA Solar
CategoryPV Panel
SubcategorySmart Module
Segen Part NoJAP6(SE)-60-265-4BB-RE
Supplier Part No
DescriptionJA Solar Smart Module 265W Riecium Poly

Rated Power265W
The JA Solar 265W Poly module is optimised by SolarEdge making it a sleek, smart panel. 

With all the benefits of SolarEdge:

·        Constant feedback and monitoring on the performance of each panel

·        Automatic shutdown of each panel for maximum safety in case of an emergency

·        Because each panel is individual - you can mount in all different orientations, pitches, even a different roof altogether all into one inverter.

Please note these modules have silver frame and white back sheet.

Product Documents
Data Sheet - JAP6(SE)60-265-4BB-RE