Product Details

Product Details

SMA - Sunny Tripower 60.0

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMain Unit
Segen Part NoSTP60-10
Supplier Part NoSTP60-10
DescriptionSunny Tripower 60.0

Rated Power60000W
Min PPT Voltage570V
Max PPT Voltage800V
SUNNY TRIPOWER 60: The Best of Two Worlds

The new Sunny Tripower 60 is part of an innovative, global system solution for commercial and industrial PV plants. This solution combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with the benefits of centralized inverter designs in order to get the best of two worlds. High efficiency, flexible system design, easy installation, simple commissioning and low maintenance requirements contribute decisively to reducing the operating costs for the entire system.


• Maximum efficiency of 98.8%
• Superior power density:
60 kW with only 75 kg of weight
• DC input voltage of up to 1000 V
• Flexible DC solutions with customer-
specific PV array combiner
• Cutting-edge system design
• Superior PV system availability with
60-kW units
• SMA Inverter Manager as central
control unit
Product Documents
Data Sheet - STP60 datasheet