Product Details

Product Details

SMA - SMA SB240 Micro Inverter 240W

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategoryMicro Inverter Unit
Segen Part NoSB240-99-10
Supplier Part NoSB240-99-10
DescriptionSMA SB240 Micro Inverter 240W

Rated Power240W
Min PPT Voltage23V
Max PPT Voltage32V
Great things come in small packages.

The ideal inverter for a flexible, modular PV system: The Sunny Boy 240, in combination with the Sunny Multigate, is the perfect, easy-to-install solution for various applications such as differently arranged substrings and systems with regularly shaded modules. Due to their modular design, all systems equipped with the Sunny Boy 240 and the Sunny Multigate can be realigned and upgraded at any time – be it due to structural modifications, capacity expansion or depending on financial circumstances.

In addition, at SMA the micro inverter concept and the well-known string concept can be perfectly combined.

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Product Documents
Data Sheet - SB240-99-10