Product Details

Product Details

SolarEdge - SolarEdge P350 Optimiser 350W MC4 72-Cell 1.2M

CategoryPV Inverter
Segen Part NoP350-MC4
Supplier Part NoP350-5RM4MRM
DescriptionSolarEdge P350 Optimiser 350W MC4 72-Cell 1.2M

Rated Power0W
Min PPT Voltage8V
Max PPT Voltage60V
Second generation optimisers from SolarEdge, pioneers of optimiser technology.  In addition to the benefits of previous versions of the optimsers such as added energy, flexible design, module level monitoring and safety, the P Series range includes features such as:

  • Optimised for high-power modules
  • Faster, simpler Installation requiring just a single screw
  • Compliance with VDE-AR-E 2100-712 Fire Safety standard

SolarEdge power optimisers maximise energy from each panel through constant tracking of Maximum Power Point per panel.  Optimal efficiency is achieved by automatically maintaining a fixed string voltage and performance can be monitored via the SolarEdge monitoring portal.  Each power optimser is equipped with the unique SafeDC feature which automatically shuts down module voltage whenever inverter or grid power are shut down.

This optimiser is ideal for 60-cell panels.


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