Product Details

Product Details

SolarEdge - SolarEdge Power Key SE-1000

CategoryPV Inverter
SubcategorySafety and Monitoring
Segen Part NoSE-1000-KEY
Supplier Part NoSE1000-KEY
DescriptionSolarEdge Power Key SE-1000

Rated Power0W
Min PPT VoltageV
Max PPT VoltageV
Enables power optimisers with independent optimisation (OPi300) to work with non-SolarEdge inverters without installation of additional interface
  • Fast, one-time commissioning of all power optimisers in a string
  • Disables power optimiser’s SafeDCTM mechanism allowing non-SolarEdge Inverter to operate with power optimisers
  • Portable and rugged handheld tool, can be used in multiple installations
  • The SolarEdge Key is not required when working with a SolarEdge inverter or a SolarEdge Safety and Monitoring Interface


Keywords: solar edge, tigo, SE1000KEY, PV Inverter

Product Documents
Data Sheet - Se Key data sheet