Growatt Storage Solutions

Growatt Storage Solutions

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Growatt New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, focusing on providing solar inverters and system solutions for global market.

Growatt has an R&D team of more than 100 engineers, 40% of which have more than 10 years PV experience. Growatt's mission is to increase availability and efficiency, whilst applying continuous innovation to make Growatt products a cost effective yet quality choice. Growatt's self consumption solution is fast becoming a popular choice for those wanting to be less reliant on the grid.

How does this Self Consumption Solution Work?

A DC storage device, such as the Growatt SP2000, is a charge controller that is added to the DC strings.

The controller constantly monitors the demands in the building and either lets the energy through to the inverter (where it is converted to AC as normal), or diverts it to the battery if the energy isn't needed in the building at that time. Once the demands in the building are greater than the available solar PV generation, the battery will start to discharge.


This type of battery system can be retro-fitted easily to an existing PV system and will work with almost any type of PV inverter. (DC to DC conversion (from controller to battery and back) losses must be taken into account. The amount of energy going through the generation meter will be lower.)


If the battery is fully charged, and there’s no demand for PV power in the building, it will be exported to the grid as normal.


This solution is unsuitable for grid backup use, and the charge controller is single MPPT, so can only work with DC strings from one roof elevation.


Segen offer the Growatt battery storage solution, combining a battery controller and a lithium battery product - the perfect solution for self Consumption

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

SHINE-VISIONDisplayPersonal DisplayGrowatt ShineVision wireless monitor
GROWATT-SP3000Storage SystemsDC String Battery ControllerGrowatt SP3000 Storage Controller
GROWATT-3600-MTL-SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 3600 MTL-S Dual MPPT Small
GROWATT-5KW-KITStorage SystemsSelf Consumption PackagesGrowatt DC Battery Storage Package ( SP2000 & 5.0kW )
GROWATT-3000-MTL-SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 3000 MTL-S Dual MPPT Small
GROWATT-3000SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 3000s Single MPPT Small
GROWATT-2500-MTL-SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 2500 MTL-S Dual MPPT Small
GROWATT-2500SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 2500s Single MPPT Small
GROWATT-2000SPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 2000s Single MPPT Small
GROWATT-1000S-DCPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 1000s Single MPPT Small - DC
GROWATT-1500S-DCPV InverterMain UnitGROWATT 1500s Single MPPT Small - DC
GROWATT-2.7KW-KITStorage SystemsSelf Consumption PackagesGrowatt DC Battery Storage Package ( SP1000 & 2.7kW )